Sunday, January 13, 2008

Your Fantasy Radar - Second Base

Did you let this man slide under your fantasy radar last year? That my friends is Brandon Phillips and in case you did not know, he went 30/30 last year. Brandon plays second base for the Reds. He is, in my opinion the second best second basemen in baseball.

In 2003, Brandon played the entire season in Cleveland and he was awful. With his Pokey Reese style hat, his skills were to match. Over the next two years Phillips had few opportunities to play with the Indians and was eventually traded to Cincinnati for the infamous, player to be named later. Once in Cincy Phillips was surrounded by superstars like Rich Aurillia and Ken Griffey Jr. I call Aurillia a superstar because for some reason they batted him 4th. Anyways The change of scenery helped the young Phillips blossom into the 30/30 man he is today. Many experts say Phillips will return to his 2006 form (276, 17hr, 75 RBI, and 25 SB). I tend to disagree, first off look at where he is playing? This stadium made Rich Aurillia look like a solid player. Second, he is a year older and a year wiser. He is learning the pitchers and is approaching that infamous age of 27, that's the year when baseball player apparently learn how to play.

My Top 5 Second Basemen

1) Chase Utley - Even though he was hurt last year for a time, he still put up great numbers and he still has Ryan Howard on his team.

2) Brandon Phillips - See Above

3) BJ Upton - First off last year I drafted BJ Upton and claimed he would be the next Chone Figgins. I even said he would be better than Chone Figgins. So what did I do the day before opening day? I traded him for Kei Igawa. Needless to say Upton then went on to bat .300 and be a 20/20 player who can play everywhere! In many fantasy formats upton may still be available at 2b, however he has recently moved to the outfield. Nice trade I made.

4) Robinson Cano- Not as good as his 2006 campaign, but I don't think he made out in the month of August. Not much for speed, but boy is that stroke smooth. Oh yea he plays for the Yankees too and sometimes bats 8th.

5) Ian Kinlser - 2 years in the league and this guy has already gone 20/20! Fairweather fantasy owners may not notice Kinsler and this could make a good value. A wise man once told me that if you want to win a fantasy baseball league, you build your team around 20/20 guys. Kinsler, in Texas may even be able to reach 30/30 once he learns the pitchers and matures. Look for this guy to make a big splash very soon.

Honorable Mentions

Dan Uggla- I love the long ball, I love the fact that a second basemen can hit 30 homers. I love Dan Uggla, he is on an awful team and really has nothing to play for but himself. Last year Uggla slugged 31 homers, but batted .245. If you need pop, this guy may be the answer to your empty second base slot.

Rickie Weeks- For real this time! No really, this time he is for real.

A Few Parting Thoughts

This year, you must pay attention to the stats very carefully, you don't want to end up like this! This is what happens when you draft players you haven't researched!

And of course, this is what happens when you draft Scott Rolen!

Listen to me when it comes to Fantasy, my real life might suck, but at least my fantasies are tolerable! Coming soon, the relief pitcher preview.

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BobK(RobertGKramer) said...

About 2B,

1)Best in baseball no doubt.JMO Great in 3 hole.

2)(Missing)? Should be Cano. Again JMO

3) Can't tell which Upton. Don't know uni's that well or who is #2. Both now in outfield, not mentioned.

4)see #2

5) Don't watch Rangers unless vs. Yanks.