Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mike Cameron To... The Yankees? Don't Believe it!

Ken Rosenthal is reporting the Yanks have entered talks to sign Mike Cameron. This seems like a rumor started by Cameron's agents and there are a variety of reasons why this is false:

1) Why would the Yankees pay for a center fielder, when they have one in Melky Cabrera? Some would say it is because they want to trade Melky in a package for Johan Santana. The Yankees have already made it clear that the main reason they haven't pursued Johan more vigorously is because they aren't sure if it is worth it to pay him big money for 6-7 years when the payroll is already really high. So if this were true the Yankees would have to pay Johan what he wants as well as Mike Cameron, figure another 35 million in payroll on top of an already huge payroll. That's right the team without payroll constrictions now has payroll constrictions, mark it down.

2) The Yankees have far too many problems with steroids, HGH and the Mitchell Report in general to sign a guy who is suspended for the first 25 games because of performance-enhancing drug use. The Yankees have no desire to further the negative publicity, locally or nationally, as the media could use this signing to draw further attention to the players on the championship teams of the late 90's being questioned as cheaters.

3) In an offseason filled with talk about how many teams need a good center fielder, the greatest interest Mike Cameron is receiving comes from the Milwaukee Brewers. It must be killing Cameron and his agents to know that just a year ago Gary Matthew's Jr. signed a contract for more than 10 million a season and there is a good chance he won't get near that amount. In a dwindling market with a client who must serve a PED-related suspension, Cameron's agent(s) are desperate right now. Thus it is feasable, they are floating false Yankee rumors and innuendo to try to up the ante for Milwaukee.

4) The Mets have recently become the front runners in the Johan sweepstakes, leading some to believe that the Yanks might jump back into the Santana Sweepstakes. Cameron's agents are definitely capitalizing on this news to stir the pot and get people thinking the Yanks are interested in their client, as a replacement for Melky.

Bottom line, rumors are nice and make for good press, but please don't buy it here.

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