Monday, January 7, 2008

Live Clemens Blog

5:04 - PM: Drove home at 85 mph stuck listening to the Fan and people complaining about Clemens and the ratings 60 Minutes had last night during the show. Wonder what the ratings for American Gladiators was...

5:05 - Rusty Hardin shows up in his blazing copper tie, straight from the Jeter Ford commercial. A series of phone calls to Clemens from McNamee representatives is discussed. Hardin begins to just throw out days of the week with no dates for us. Thanks Bud. Mcnamee apparently met with Clemens' lawyer and Investigation group (massive team).

5:07 ESPN NEWS cuts away Shit!

5:08 - Apparently there is a tape of the Clemens- McNamee conversation!!!

5:09 - Hick lawyer's accepting blame for all the mistakes in this matter.
"I had no history of Roger, I didn't know him from Adam." Should his lawyer be saying this?

Rusty Hardin sounds like a good NASCAR name.
Apparently Clemens went on a 5 day hunting trip! Very crazy since Bonds went on a hunting trip with Ryan Klesko when he was caught!

Hardin says, "How do you define purgery?"

5:11 - Wondering if this guy is defending Clemens or McNamee?
Wondering where this tape is?
This guys voice is kinda like Roscoe P. Coltrane from the Dukes of Hazzard.

McNamme text messaged Clemens? I only text if I need tail late at night or am taking a shit and am bored. Wonder which McNamee was doing?

Hardin lets everyone know the difference between an hour and 17 minutes. I hate this guy.
These guys talk via text and email? Did they meet on the Internet?
Apparently experts like Roger Cossack are saying Clemens only pressed charges to get out of appearing before Congress. (Note: Roger Cossack is an awful legal analyst.)

5:15 - Still waiting for this tape!!
"Human Jeopardy!" Wonder if this will be the name of the tell all book about this drama?
Who uses tapes anymore?
"Throughout this tape, Roger felt that Brian was considering coming to Texas." I've had this conversation with exes.

17 minutes in and this guy is stuttering, a lot longer than I thought he would go.
Hardin throwing smoke screens at us, telling us to " look at other things."

5:17-5:19 Hardin giving a verbal blow job to Mitchell for the last 2 minutes.

5:20 - No tape yet, ugh this guy is awful.

Hard to hear when they bleep every other word.
They bleep some stuff and let them say "Same shit you got going on!"
Sounds like a set up to me, looking for the face to face meeting?
"I can't open up to you the way I want to." use your own judgment.
(Note: XM Radio played this unedited)

5:24 - Decided that Clemens can barely hold a conversation, and this poor guy doesn't know he's being taped.
Mcnamee was sick and in the hospital? Hmmmmmm guilt made him that sick?

Wonder if he is talking in the third person, "Brian has nothing to do with this!"

Mcnamee is starting to remind me of the stalker guy from Happy Gilmore that stalked Shooter McGavin.

Clemens says, "Deb is a mess, hope this doesn't ruin her jewelery business she has." Way to look at the big picture Rocket.

5:29 - McNamee says "What do you want me to do, do you want me to show up to the conference?"... Well... yeah

Clemens' people/entourage are awful at relaying information to Clemens.

Clemens uses "brother" almost as much as Hulk Hogan.

Mcnamee isn't reliable, seems like a weak minded pawn.

5:31- almost four hours until American Gladiators.

When clemens says " I treated you like I treated everybody else" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
Mcnamee admits to helping Rocket with school projects?

"I tried to be like you", Mcnamee has been saying this over and over.


Clemens investigation team? He hired private eyes, maybe Don Knots and Tim Conway based on this investigation.

Mcnamee's 10 year old son is dying? This is terrible!

"I just need someone to tell the truth Mack", waiting for someone to give the Nicholson, "You can't handle the truth!"

5:36 - "I'm hurt, I'm upset and I'm shocked and I know that I didn't do it" - Clemens

Mcnamee has said "Tell me what you want me to do" over 30 times, he sounds like someone who just got dumped and doesn't know why. Sounds like me after my first girlfriend.

5:38 - Rocket gonna answer some questions!!!

Hardin again, this guy is awful! Mcnamee never says Clemens did steroids.

Hardin has yet to provide anything worth while...He just told us Clemens will testify next week! Finally something good.

3-2-1 lift off here we go!

5:40 - Clemens offering condolences to his college coach son's funeral.

"I'm uncomfortable looking at some of you right now." Clemens says to the press!

First question: Why he didn't meet with Mitchell? Clemens tip toes around it and says he didn't know what it was about.

Second: B-12 question, Clemens has taken it forever, helps him from getting sick a.k.a. colds. Lidacaine was for pain in his back when he was with Toronto, true since he carried that team.

Third: Phone tapping question, apparently NY and Texas allow it, no motion to suppress this evidence!

Fourth: Questioning Clemens forceful manner. Nothing much going on here.

Five: Another injection question, "Why did u let someone without a medical degree inject you?" Answer: Good one, "No one told me he wasn't"

Six: Tell me what to do question, "I would love for him to come down here, but I would be afraid for him."

Seven: Pettitte question, "We never talked about it and talked about it in passing."

Eight: Question about representatives, nothing special. More shit from Hardin.

Nine: where did the b-12 and Lidacaine come from. "I never provided it" Clemens says.

Ten: Apparently women are allowed in this one? Are Steroid users cheaters? Short fix, makes ya look good and hurts your body.

DO YOU THINK ANDY PETTITTE IS A CHEATER? Clemens responds, "Andy Pettitte is my friend."

Rocket is fully fired up, "CAN I DRINK WATER, is that good or bad? Yes I can swallow!" Clemens is getting ticked off!

5:48 - Back pain setting in, don't wanna take any vioxx,
question eleven is about vioxx, Ironic.

Twelve: I missed this question, but could clearly hear Rocket respond, "I'm gonna answer questions about me!" He's getting really ticked off.

Thirteen: Lie detector question, Douche Lawyer answers, I have stopped listening to him. He has no credibility. Blah Blah Blah, No polygraph.

Fourteen: Clemens, "CLEMENS IS CURSING, "This isn't about records or heroes, I could give a rats ass about those things, This is about my health!"

Fifteen: Can't hear the question... let's hear the reply from the angry Rocket.
"You want me to lighten up? It's hard to! Thank you"

Clemens: "How do I prove a negative?" good point Rocket

Clemens, If you have a vote , you can keep your vote, do you think I give a rats ass about the Hall of Fame? You can keep your vote."

"I've said enough"

"I defy anyone to prove that I cheated"

After 55 minutes of typing and trying to pay attention, I can concur that:
A) McNamee loves the Rocket and is upset that roger broke up with him.
B) McNamee had no clue he was being recorded
C) Apparently it is legal to record phone conversations in New York.
D) Nothing really came out of the phone conversation, but it did not prove Clemens did anything right or wrong!
E)Clemens is probably yelling at his lawyer right now.
F) Clemens said some very interesting things:
"This isn't about records or heroes, I could give a rats ass about those things, This is about my health!"

"CAN I DRINK WATER, is that good or bad? Yes I can swallow!"

"I'm uncomfortable looking at some of you right now"

After an hour We still have no answers, actually we have a whole lot more questions than we did before. What's McNamee's deal? IS he just that desperate for attention, has he given up because his family life is going down the tubes? Did Clemens cut him off and he went "Single White Female" on him? Next week is Congress, this should be good!

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Roger said...

I can't believe I just read all that. I think Clemens is GUILTY! Thanks for liveblogging it. It was an interesting and funny read.