Friday, January 11, 2008

Johan Santana Will End Up A New York Met

A few months back when Johan Santana officially hit the trade market with the Yankees and Red Sox immediately becoming his top suitors, FSE's own Phil flatly proclaimed that in the end, Santana would be a New York Met.

Given the myriad of rumors that have surfaced since linking Santana to nearly half of the team in the MLB as well as the off again-on again rumors involving the Yanks and Sox, we have held off writing about Santana, until now.

In addition to FSE, I also write for Giggin On Ya, a blog which focuses on the New York Mets, Knicks, Giants and New Jersey Nets along with anything we deem important in the national sports scene.

Follow the link to read why Santana Will Be A Met By Month's End.

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