Sunday, January 13, 2008

Personal Thoughts about Rolen and Glaus

I personally don't believe this deal will get entirely done. let's think about this here. We are asking the two most often injured baseball players in recent history to pass physicals? This would be the equivalent of me trading my 89 Cavalier, with bad brakes, 190k miles on it, and a bad alignment for a Chevy Blazer with a broken back window and4 bald tires. Neither of these player can last an entire season. If these two players were used cars, they would be considered lemons.


Late last season, Rolen took it upon himself to sabotage my Fantasy playoff hopes and dreams. His late season defensive collapse and lack of offense (.265 avg, 8 Hrs, 58 RBI) ruined many fantasy squads across the nation. His past stats kept most of us hanging on and starting him everyday until the inevitable happened, and you realized he screwed you in 2007.


Troy Glaus has been playing for ten years, However in three of those season he played less than 115 games and was injured. Glaus had a tremendous 2006 season, but was hurt for the better part of 2007. take your chances on Glaus this year, he should be a better option than Mr. Rolen. Better bat, better glove, better attitude, and he never screwed me. Go Glaus!

Did you Know that Troy Glaus played 6 games at shortstop for the Blue Jays in 2006? If Rolen was asked to play shortstop for his team, I'm sure he would complain, hold out, or all of a sudden be hurt. Not a team player, and most certainly not one of "My Guys".

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