Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reds Looking For Affeldt to Start

Jeremy Affeldt has signed a one year 3 million dollar contract with the Cincinnati Reds. The move is actually a savvy deal for Wayne Krivsky, as he will look for Affeldt to compete for a spot in the team's starting rotation. At worst the Reds get a solid, left handed middle reliever signed for the going rate. At best, they have a solid number 4 starter who can eat up innings and win a few games, signed at a bargain rate given what some starter are going for. Credit Krivsky with seeing what was available out there in terms of starting pitchers and realizing that Affeldt could be just as good at a much lower cost. Krivsky already drank the Kyle Lohse Kool-Aid, once and it was enough.


I have been a big fan of Affeldt for a while now. He has good pop on his fastball, and a lollipop curve that compliment each other nicely. Affeldt's stuff has never been the question, the question has been in his ability to spot the pitches and throw then effectively. At worst he is sent to the bullpen, where he would collect a good amount of holds setting up for Fransisco Cordero. If you want to take a late round flier on him as a sleeper in your draft you can. There are plenty of worse options out there.

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