Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Blog Experience

What I think will be original about this blog, is that the people here won't go around claiming they are experts, or that they have all the answers. Don't get me wrong sites like ESPN have tremendous fantasy coverage, and is a great place to get current news and stats. But one field I find ESPN severely lacking in is its head-to-head league coverage. Most of what they supply is for the classic, rotisserie leagues, while it has been shown that most fantasy players now prefer the head-to head format. I am of the opinion that head-to-head, needs more strategy, and really changes week to week depending on the type of team you are playing.

None have us have all the answers, but we all have different philosophies, and it'll be up to the reader to pick and choose which philosophy or idea, they want to pick from. As Ben said, we are talking sports stories and their fantasy implications all the time, so this will be more of an extension of our conversations than it will be a "how to".

Currently I primarily focus on fantasy baseball and football (thoughts and strategies to come...) while I also have experience in fantasy basketball and have participated in fantasy NASCAR to varying degrees the last 2 seasons.

I know all of us look forward to getting this blog going fully with daily updates and our personal thoughts.



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