Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Third Man

Allow me to introduce myself, I would have copy and pasted my Yahoo fantasy Baseball and Football resume to this introduction, but the numbers would take away all of my credibility. I am here to represent those fantasy owners who struggle to survive and find themselves making impulse moves and find themselves blaming injuries for failures each year. I am here to represent those of you that still live five years ago and believe in the value of the hold! If you find yourself searching for a spot starter on a Sunday of your head to head league then I am your man. You will soon learn I have a very unique way of evaluating talent when it comes to fantasy sports. If a player has done me good in the past(Da Meat Hook, Roberto Hernandez, Donald Driver, Etc...), he has reached, "My Guy" status. If a player has done me wrong in the past (Plummer, swisher, Rolen, Rolen, etc...) Those players are forever blackballed and no longer welcome in my fantasies. Fantasy players are just like women, once they do you wrong they can't be trusted. However, if they do you right, you trust them even when most others don't. I will soon share the complete My Guy list of fantasy baseball players that can be trusted. Just for the record we have 56 more days until spring training!!!


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