Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pittsburgh Looking to Make Things Wright

Jaret Wright has signed a minor league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates. What makes this potentially interesting is that the deal includes incentives for both starting and relieving.


Wright has been a fantasy bust since signing on with the New York Yankees following the 2003 season. Wright could always hit the low to mid 90's on the gun, but has trouble locating where the ball is going after he throws it. He has been rehabbing constant shoulder problems for the better part of 2 seasons now, making his health a huge question mark. The Pirates are probably hoping for Wright to fill the role Shawn Chacon held for the team last season; a middle to long reliever, who could also start in a pinch.
While I have admired Wright's moxie when on the mound, there isn't a whole lot more to him. Don't bother to worry about drafting him, as he will be a long shot to even make the major league roster let alone remain healthy for an entire season.

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