Sunday, January 13, 2008

Colts Get Voleked; Reality Imitates 2004 Fantasy

I am sure many of us watching the Colts- Chargers game knew for sure that San Diego had Indianapolis right where they wanted them, once Billy Volek came in. The year was 2004 and many of us met Billy Volek for the first time. He was a back up for Steve McNair and filled in admirably at times, and unworldly at other times. Specifically weeks 14 and 15 of that football season, or in fantasy terms the start of the playoffs.

The fledgling fantasy team that barely made the playoffs and had a weakness at quarterback, proceeded to take a flier on Volek, and immediately became a fantasy post season juggernaut. In week 14 Volek threw for 426 yards and 4TDs, in week 15 Volek threw for 492yards and 4TDs again, only this time he also ran for a TD. Thats 2 weeks, 918yards, and 9TDs.

It was at this time I invented the term "Voleked" to describe when an average player has an unworldly effort to help beat another team. Volek for 2 weeks became the greatest player on the face of the earth and ruined many people. This is some what equivalent to 1998 when Sterling Hitchcock became the greatest pitcher in the world for the month of October, and carried the Padres to the World Series.

I think there are many, many of us with a 2004 Billy Volek, heartbreaking story to tell. Please comment and post your story of being "Voleked" as a way to help Colts fans in their time of need.

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