Monday, January 14, 2008

Frank Reich 2K8

As I was watching the amazing Billy Volek enter the game, I like the rest of us figured he would just hand the ball off a few times and Philip "I yell at everyone" Rivers would hobble back in and blow the game. I was wrong in several ways. I was wrong in thinking Philip Rivers was a tough quarterback that could play through injuries. I was wrong in thinking that Billy Volek would just hand the ball off and wait to be saved by the starter.

Volek performed admirably in the 4th quarter of the Chargers upset victory over the Colts, but this scenario is nothing new. Years ago, back when mustaches were en vogue and Gun n' Roses was still together, there was a great man named Frank Reich. Like Volek, he had the skills to be a starter, but was stuck behind a more talented quarterback Jim Kelly. Reich sat and sat and sat and sat, until he got his chance!

Reich led the Bills back from a 32 point deficit in their 1992 playoff game against the Houston Oilers en route to a 41-38 victory in overtime. Reich would then help the Bills defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers before Kelly returned, to lead the Bills into Super Bowl XXVII, where they fell to the Dallas Cowboys 52-17.

Does Billy Volek have something like this up his sleeve? Can he lead the Chargers past the big, bad Patriots? If he does, will they give the team back to Philip Rivers when it comes to crunch time? Only time will tell and only Billy knows what will happen next. Billy you are the 2k8 version of Frank Reich, if you get another start, beat the Patriots and somehow win the Superbowl, you will move up to Jeff Hostetler status. GO BILLY!

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