Sunday, January 6, 2008

Glen "Big Baby" Davis... Not Worth The Fantasy Hype

Celtics and fantasy NBA fans every where are going to see what Big Baby did last night versus the Pistons and want to quickly grab him. I am telling you right now, DON'T. One game is not the body of work that people should be looking for when looking to add a player. I wrote an article earlier today explaining how Josh Boone was building a body of work that makes him a legitimately good fantasy center right now, and for the future. Davis had one hot night against a very good team, but do not use that as a reason to add him, he is not worth it.

In fact for anyone who is interested in Davis, I did some checking and I have 2 words for you, "Robert Traylor". Over sized player who was able to dominate at the collegiate level, but whose size and conditioning hurt them once they made it into the NBA. I think Davis might be good for a few nights during the season of what he did last night, where Boston's Big Three, need to defer to a Fourth party, but not enough for him to put up solid stats every night. I also question if he has the physical make up to be able to bang and run the court well enough to put up numbers consistently.

Josh Boone on the other hand, plays with one of the best ball distributer's in the league and is getting thirty minutes a night. Boone also is counted on more for rebounding than Dais would be. Boone right now is probably the Nets best rebounder, while on the Celtics, Kevin Garnett is the guy counted on most.

I realize there are a ton of Celtics fans out there who might buy into the one game hype of Glen Davis. But, I urge people to look at circumstances and the body of work, before making a short sighted fantasy add like Glen Davis.

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