Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rivers Update...Does it Matter?

Philip Rivers has told ESPN's Bob Holtzman that he sees no reason why he wouldn't be able to play in Sunday's AFC Championshp game against New England. Back up quarterback Bily Volek will start on the the bench ready come in if Rivers' knee acts up.


I think San Diego will be relying mostly on their running game today, so I am not sure it is really going to matter who the starting quarterback is. The last thing San Diego wants to do is get into a high scoring, game with a lot of throws, because they would be feeding into the type of game New England thrives in.

If he is healthy, expect LaDainian Tomlinson to get some of the carries, but also expect to see a lot of Michael Turner and Darren Sproles. LT and Turner will probably be counted on to bruise up the middle and wear down veteran linebackers, Mike Vrabel, Teddy Bruschi and Junior Seau. Then, expect to see Sproles as a change of pace back used to pick up big yards, using his break away speed. Sproles is becoming a Maurice Jones-Drew type, without the hype, or expectations. Look for him to be the x-factor in San Diego's game.

I think whoever starts at quarterback won't really be counted on to make huge play, with the exception of a few 3rd and 4s to keep a drive alive. Last week we saw that both Rivers and Volek were capable of doing that.

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LA-Z-BOY said...

Well, now the game is over ofcourse. But if I'd seen this before the game, I'd definitely disagree. Your running game prediction was pretty good, but ofcourse now LT didn't play. However, I've got to say Philip Rivers would've definitely been different than Volek.
No offence to Volek, he ain't that bad or something, but you know, he hasn't played all year and Rivers really played great the last half of the season and during postseason. You can't judge Volek on three completions out of four passes, because that's about all he did the entire year, besides throw an INT at TENN. The yards he got were mostly yards after the catch (I'm thinking about the Naanee completion) and not his merit. And what if the run doesn't work? I think when a team is planning vs. the Chargers, their primary goal is stopping LT, 'cause he's a player that takes over a game if you let him. So if the run doesn't work, I'd give the ball to Rivers rather than Volek anyday of the week.