Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rolen Traded For Glaus Fantasy Impact

UPDATED 1/14/08
Scott Rolen is finally leaving St. Louis, going to Toronto for Troy Glaus. The trade was pending physicals from both players, and that were finalized and approved by team doctors Monday. Rolen's shoulder issues were well documented when Tony LaRussa benched him in the playoffs, where the original feud between player and manager began. Glaus has had problems with his feet caused by playing on the artificial turf in Toronto. A change of scenery could do both players well, as injury cost both a good chunk of last season.

St. Louis Gets

Troy Glaus, before 2007, he was a perennial 30+ home run a season hitter. If he can stay healthy in St Louis, hitting behind Albert Pujols, Glaus could be in for another solid season, of 35hr, and 90rbis. Glaus can hit, that won't be the issue, the issue will be if the move to the natural playing surface can really impact his health and keep him in the line up. Glaus managed 115 games last season, hitting 20hr, with 60rbis, and a .262ba. If not for the injury these numbers look to be on par with what he normally does.

Toronto Gets

Scott Rolen, in his prime a slugging thirdbaseman, who could hit for power, average, and even steal a bag. Rolen really slumped last season, he managed only 112 games, hitting 8 hr, with 58rbis and hitting only .265. These are numbers more indicitive of a middle infielder than a once great slugger. I would be more worried about Rolen in this deal, because the injuries effect his game much more than they do Glaus'. The shoulder injury really sapped him of his power, and even his ability to hit for average. He did have off season surgery to try to repair the shoulder issue, but from a fantasy perspective, why draft a guy with the hope that surgery might help his numbers. You would be better off taking a guy you know will be healthy and at least will put up numbers consistently when healthy. Glaus might be hurt a lot, but he hits when he is on the field. Rolen, even when he was healthy last season didn't hit.


Personally I don't either is worth drafting or getting excited over because of this trade. First off, I rarely draft guys who are a known injury risk, and I don't like how 1-2 dimensional these players are at this point in their respective careers. In a pinch I would value Glaus over Rolen.

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