Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dolan Admits He Has To Fire Isiah Thomas as Head Coach

It has been a long season for the New York Knicks and coach Isiah Thomas. The fans hate Isiah, the players are constantly jarring with Isiah, even officials are battling Isiah. Now, according to the New York Daily News, it seems as if Isiah Thomas' last supporter, Knick owner James Dolan, might be wavering in his devotion to the Knick coach. Sources close to Dolan recently revealed that he knows a "coaching change" must be made and he is preparing to do so.
There is no doubt that the Knicks have a talented roster, and have been underachieving all season long. Every time it seems as if the Knicks are ready to take a step forward, they take a big step back, like they have this season. It is unclear in the article if Dolan just plans to fire Isiah as the head coach, or from all his basketball duties with the Knicks.

More on this later, along with the fantasy implications for all the Knick players

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