Friday, February 8, 2008

Who Is Adam Jones?

First off, this Adam Jones you can take to a strip joint and feel safe. Secondly, this Adam Jones will last the entire season and not be suspended. Finally, this Adam Jones will one day be a fantasy stud.

Now that he is a part of the Baltimore Orioles, Jones will be thrust into the mainstream. He will face the Yankees and Red sox over 30 times this season. If he does anything positive against those teams, ESPN will be all over him.

Jones should make the Orioles out of Spring Training as their centerfielder and shouldn't have much competition as the Baltimore outfield currently consists of guys like Jay Payton and Luke Scott. Expect Jones to be a draft day sleeper, just like Cameron Maybin. Even if he doesn't make the team right away, which I doubt, keep an eye on his AAA stats and pick him up as soon as he gets the call up.

Jones dominated the minor leagues in 2007, batting .314 with 25 HR with 84 RBI. He is a pure talent and has had two cups of coffee in the big leagues over the past two years. Jones is very young and very raw; however, the talent is there and the Mariners were very hesitant to give him up in a trade.

Watch his progress very carefully this spring!

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