Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fantasy Basketball Desperation Station - 2/10/2008

This week in Desperation Station, we highlight a veteran point guard, forgotten forward, young combo guard/forward and a former #1 overall pick that can provide your depleted fantasy basketball roster with some immediate assistance.

Charlie Villanueva SF/PF, Milwaukee Bucks - Once an emerging fantasy forward, Villanueva has slipped into obscurity this season as the Bucks continue to dedicate their free agent and draft resources to cutting his playing time. With Yi and the artist formerly known as Bobby Simmons dealing with injuries the past week, Villanueva received his first three starts of the season, putting up averages of 18 points and 12 rebounds. Both guys returned in limited roles versus the Knicks Saturday night to watch Charlie V drop 21 and 13. Look for Villanueva's playing time to decrease soon as the Bucks frontcourt reverts back to resembling a NYC subway station at rush hour.

Dorell Wright SG/SF, Miami Heat - Wright has had a solid week, averaging around 15 points and 8 rebounds over his last four games. When he is getting 30+ minutes, Wright is a pretty good fantasy contributor in points and rebounds while providing some help in defensive stats as well. Unfortunately, the acquisition of Shawn Marion coupled with the impending return of Udonis Haslem should take away playing time from Wright. Luckily, Haslem won't be back until after the allstar break, so Wright should see good burn over the next 2-3 games. 

Joe Smith PF, Chicago Bulls - From #1 overall pick to a stopgap option residing in Desperation Station, at least Joe Smith can take solace in the fact that he isn't named Kwame Brown or nicknamed the "Kandi Man." Smith has been a good fantasy option this week, getting ample playing time on an injury-ridden Chicago Bulls team. Smith has started the last four games averaging around 20 points and 8 rebounds over that time. With Luol Deng, Ben Gordon and Kirk Hinrich all banged up, Smith should see continue to see 30 or so minutes a night over the next 3-4 games. However, at some point in the next two weeks the Bulls starters will return and young guys like Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas should take more frontcourt minutes from Smith.

Damon Stoudamire PG, San Antonio Spurs - With Tony Parker out until after the allstar break, the recently signed Stoudamire should accrue plenty of playing time at point guard in San Antonio. Although he will be splitting time with Jacque Vaughn, Stoudamire's ability to score makes him the better option to account for Parker's lost offensive output. Playing alongside guys like Duncan and Ginobili, Stoudamire should be a decent fantasy contributor in points, assists and steals. 

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