Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jason Kidd Officially A Dallas Maverick - Keith Van Horn Stumbles Upon Another Pay Check

It's official, Jason Kidd is headed back to the team that drafted him 2nd overall back in 1994. Mark Cuban informed ESPN via email earlier this afternoon that "J-Kidd is a Mav" putting an end to the 3-ring circus that has surrounded both parties since Devean George invoked a no-trade clause which killed the initial deal. We provided a thorough analysis of the Kidd Trade a few days ago. Not much has changed in this revised version from a fantasy standpoint.

The reincarnation of the Kidd trade includes a revamped cast of salary dumps for New Jersey, no 30-day rest for Jerry Stackhouse, the inclusion of Antoine Wright and a nice pay day for the original great white hope, Keith Van Horn:

Dallas Gets: Jason Kidd, Malik Allen and Antoine Wright

New Jersey Gets: Devin Harris, DeSagna Diop, Trenton Hassell, Maurice Ager, Keith Van Horn and two first round picks (Dallas' 2008 and 2010) and $3 million in cash.

Essentially, Trenton Hassell and Keith Van Horn replace Stackhouse and Devean George in the deal while Antoine Wright, who was headed to Dallas in a seperate trade, is included along with cash to make the money work. I guess all that speculation about Van Horn leaving the $4.3 million guaranteed on the table because he's a "family man with many business interests" never materialized. Shocker.

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