Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jason Collins- Stromile Swift Trade Fantasy Fallout

Jason Kidd finally saw the Nets make a trade, but perhaps to his chagrin it does not involve him leaving New Jersey. The Nets traded Jason Collins to the Memphis Grizzlies for Stromile Swift in a move that adds scoring depth to the Nets bench, and continues the Grizzlies' effort to tank the season.


Stromile Swift, is an athletic player who fits the Nets running style of play better than Jason Collins did. Do not expect Swift to get a ton of minutes early on, as it will take him some time to get acclimated to his new teammates, but later on in the season, he could be a viable addition to your fantasy roster. He can score a bit if he gets minutes so this should improve the Nets stagnant offense a bit; however, they still have some moves to make to be legitimate contenders in the East.


Jason Collins, a defensive mainstay in the middle during the Nets runs to the finals, has been seeing less and less time on the floor. The Nets have been going with a younger, more athletic line up by starting Sean Williams and Josh Boone, so Collins wasn't making much of an impact in the line up anyway. He will never be a good fantasy option because he can't score, and doesn't collect a ton of rebounds.


I think the player who has benefited most by all these Memphis Grizzlie trades is Hakim Warrick. He has never had a bust out fantasy season, but is a solid player who can put up good numbers if/when he plays 30+ minutes a night. The Grizzlies trading their depth in the front court opens up the minutes for Warrick to have the playing time to cement himself as a valuable asset up front.

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