Saturday, February 23, 2008

Commentary - Bonds Should Play For The Yankees In 2008

If Barry Bonds is a free man this season where should he play? I will offer my profound opinion on the matter and would love to hear what you, the Fantasy Sports Experience reader, have to think on this matter.

Many are claiming that the best fit for Barry Bonds would be in Oakland. My question is, why would he want to play in Oakland and what would attract him to that team? I don't see him getting any protection in that line up and also I don't see any slugger wanting to play in a stadium where every foul pop is an out. Now everyone says, "Oh it's close to San Francisco rabble rabble." I don't buy it!

If Bonds plays this season, he should play for either the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox. Think about it, the biggest ego, figure and sports icon playing in the biggest market in professional sports. Think about Bonds batting in front of Manny and Papi; imagine the numbers he would put up! Think about Bonds batting after Jeter and before Alex Rodriguez! Ya kidding me? Why wouldn't the Yankees take a chance on him? Didn't Steinbrenner get off on bringing back Doc Gooden and Daryl Strawberry? What makes Bonds different? He has fallen from grace so why isn't George coming to the rescue?

I know he is 43 years old, but he hit 28 Home Runs last season in a pitchers ball park with no one around him!!! I hope Hank and Hal are readers of FSE, think of the possibilities! I am certain that Theo Epstein must have given this a thought as well. How could someone pass this up? I know he carries a lot of baggage, but he has shown countless time that he can handle thet media attention he will receive in these two markets.

I know, now you are thinking, "What about the money?" Seriously these two teams can afford to pay anyone and I'm sure they won't be breaking the bank to sign him to a one year deal especially since his value has gone so far down. Bonds made 15.8 million dollars last season, these two teams piss that away daily.

That brings us to what team he is a better fit for. Since Big Papi is already the Red Sox Designated Hitter, Bonds would have to play left field, thus giving the Red Sox an outfield that resembles Stone Henge. If he plays in New York they can let Bonds be the full-time DH and he can play everyday he physically can. 

In New York, maybe, just maybe his image would change for the better. Maybe Yankee fans will fall in love with him and embrace him as one of their own after he starts contributing? Maybe he hits a huge post season home run and maybe Bonds finally wins a World Series ring. It's worth a shot.

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