Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Thoughts And Picks!

It has finally come down to this day for Giants and Patriots fans! After two weeks of lame storylines, silly interviews, Plaxico Burress watch, and Tom Brady's boot, the real granddaddy of them all is upon us. The line opened up at 14 and within hours dropped to 12 and has stayed there for the better part of the bye week. Apparently there are a lot of Giants fans out there or everyone just hates New England.


Plax Keeps Talking And Talking 

I'm fine with this, he is the best player on his team and he is talking the talk. Now let's see if he can, as Ric Flair would say, "Walk the walk." Everyone is concerned about Burress not practicing; however, if you watched the Giants at all this season you would know that Burress not practicing isn't going to affect his performance. Plax says the score will be 23-17 and Brady promptly replied, "We are only going to score 17?" Funny response, but we all know Burress was just feeding to the talking heads.

Moss' Women Issues

Rocky Balboa's trainer Mickey once said to stay away from women, they make your knees week. Moss claims his assault was an accident and the woman somehow ended up hurt. Let's see he's 6'4'' and 215 lbs, you do the math. He says, "She's just a friend", who is he Biz Markie? Don't think this will affect Moss' play, but it makes for funny conversation when you read between the lines.

Spy Gate 

See Specter Smoke Screen for my thoughts.

Tom Brady's Boot

Tom Brady will play in this game no matter what. He wore a boot two weeks ago and there is no mention of an ankle injury on the injury report. Don't worry Pats fans, your Jeter in a Pats jersey will be just fine.

University Of Phoenix Stadium

Did anyone wonder why The University of Phoenix has it's own stadium? Do they hold like an online Warcraft league there?


Since I am the only unbiased member of the Fantasy Sports Experience, I have been chosen to pick a winner. The Giants are red hot heading into this Super bowl. The only problem is that the Patriots are white hot. The game in week 17 was really not that close. It was only a three point game because of a garbage time Touchdown to Burress. I don't buy any of this Destiny nonsense and would like all of my Giant fan friends to stop texting me with that crap.

Brady, Moss, and Welker will be the deciding factors. Look for a big game from Moss and expect him to get the ball early. Once he starts catching some balls, then Welker, the best slot receiver in the game today, will dominate the remainder of the game.

The only way the Giants can win this game is if they can control the clock and finish drives with touchdowns rather than settling for FGs. As we saw with the Chargers, getting into the red zone seems easy against the Patriots, but putting it in the end zone is the hard part. Jacobs and Bradshaw need to have monster games, and the Giants secondary needs to play over their heads to keep this game close. Strahan and Umenyiora need to be in Brady's back pocket; they need to get so close that they can smell Gisselle's scent from this morning.

After assessing all the data and looking at both rosters, my prediction is...

Patriots 34

Giants 21

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