Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Boone in D.C.

FSE's Wahsington Nationals President's Day Special rolls on! As if the Nationals didn't have enough has beens on their roster, they acquired former All-Star Bret Boone today. Apparently there has been a wanted ad going around the Washed up Network and Boone finally replied. Maybe his brother Aaron recommended him to Jim Bowden.

Boone has been retired since 2005 and could possibly fill the role of utility man on the Nationals in 2008. A three time all-star, Boone, age 39, lead the 2001 Mariners to the best record in baseball putting up career highs with 37 HR, 141 RBI and a .331 AVG. From 1998- 2004 he was a top fantasy second basemen. Can he return to form? Probably not.

Operation Employment

Here is what Bret has in front of him this spring training:

1) First and foremost, he has to prove that he is healthy and can last the entire season.

2) He has to outplay the following players, try not to laugh.

- Felipe Lopez

- Ronnie Belliard

- Aaron Boone

- Willie Harris

3) Overcome the trials and tribulations of competing for the same job with his brother.

4) Try to avoid any contact with the outfielders.

5) Carry Manny Acta's luggage to and from the field.

The 2008 Nationals roster mirrors the plot of the cult classic "Major League." I can just imagine Jim Bowden calling Bret Boone at some Mexican hotel, asking if he wants to play for the Nationals. I can Imagine Bowden calling Elijah Dukes asking him if he can make it to spring training and Dukes responding in his best Rick Vaughn, "I don't think I can make it by then." While this team may not be good in 2008, they should at least be fun to watch!

Fantasy Impact

Many thing can happen here. Maybe Booone will make the team and start at second base OR maybe he and his brother Aaron will get into a sissy fight in Spring Training and both be sent home. Here's the cold hard truth, the only fantasy implications here is the real-life fantasy that Bret Boone can still play Major League Baseball. 

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