Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ozzie Guillen Declares Josh Fields the Starter

Ozzie Guillen has declared Josh Fields his starting 3B to start the season, until at least incumbent 3B Joe Crede can prove himself healthy. Crede is coming off an injury plagued 2007 season, which ended early as he was forced to have back surgery. Guillen went on to say that Crede has looked good during the first two days of spring training, but would need to remain healthy and stay on the field consistently before he would consider moving back in as the starter.

Fantasy Implications

Fields is younger, can hit for more power and is healthier than Crede. In only 373 ABs in 2007, Fields put up 23 HRs and 67 RBIs. The additions of Swisher and Orlando Cabrera should improve the OBP at the front-end of the White Sox lineup, giving guys like Fields, Konerko and Dye added RBI opportunities.

Look for the White Sox to showcase Crede in spring training, then trade him before the season begins. The most likely destination is San Francisco, where he has been rumored to be going all winter long. A move to San Fran and to a spacious, pitcher's ball park would kill any semblance of fantasy value Crede had left.

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