Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring Training Fantasy News and Notes: St. Louis, Detroit, Minnesota

St. Louis Cardinals

Manager Tony La Russa announced that the team would be limiting Albert Pujols' spring training at bats, and his involvement in certain throwing drills to minimize the strain on his right elbow tendon. La Russa also indicated he would like to try to find more off time for the slugger during the regular season to try and help him stay fresh throughout the season.

We reported on Pujol's injury earlier, and this is another clear indication that the Cardinals are worried about the status on Albert's elbow tendon. This is another indication that it might be worth your while to pass on Pujols in the first round of your fantasy draft.

Detroit Tigers

Reliever Fernando Rodney is saying that he is experiencing shoulder pain, similar to the pain that cost him time on the disabled last season. Rodney tried to pitch through the pain last season, and he struggled greatly. This season he is going to try to be more careful and pace his comeback a bit better.

It's amazing, but all this does is further the importance of Todd Jones to the Tiger bullpen. People were killing Detroit when they signed Jones, because they had Rodney and Joel Zumaya waiting in the wings. Now, Jones, of his high ERA and nerve racking saves, is once again, solidified as the last man standing for save opportunities in the Detroit bullpen. Expect Jones to get plenty of save ops. especially with the dominant offense Detroit will be sporting this season.

Minnesota Twins

Boof Bonser was all the rage at Minnesota Twins camp when he showed up 30lbs lighter. Many of his teammates had trouble recognizing him in his newly found slim-dom, and he seems to be showing a newly found dedication to his body and career.

OH BABY.. BOOF BONSER lost weight.. HE'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! I like Boof. I am a Boof fan. Just don't take this lost weight = better numbers garbage. Boof's ability to pitch will have to be proven in Spring Training and when the season begins, just like the rest of the mediocre starters out there. I get the feeling that Boof might have come to us a bit over rated, because he pitched for small market Minnesota, in the Johan Santana era, and that makes people think that he is automatically going to be a stud pitcher. Do not buy the "lost weight" hype. Wait and see if he actually pitches well, then buy into it.

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