Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wednesday Fantasy News and Notes

Back In The Lineup

Jimmy Rollins- News had him coming back on Tuesday, but he sat out with some discomfort he felt before the game started. He did manage to pinch hit in the game, and while he recorded and out the fact he was feeling well enough to pinch hit is a positive step forward. The hope was he'd be back on the field on Wednesday, but the Phils wound up holding him out again from playing. Personally, if I were with the Phils I'd take my time getting him back in the line up. It is way to early in the season to risk him injuring himself further and losing him for an even greater amount of time. That being said, the Phils look eager to get him back out there and, more importantly for you, you should feel eager to get him back in your line up. He may not be as fleet of foot because of the ankle sprain, but he is still an elite SS based on his ability to handle the bat.

Francicso Rodriguez- Nailed down his second save in as many days on Tuesday and looks like he is good to go following two sprained ankles. The injury sounds so fluky it's near hard to believe. He is one of the best so if you haven't already get him back on the mound.

R.A Dickey- Oh baby! Dickey gets the start on Friday meaning we have the return of a knuckleballer to fantasy baseball. Sure we all know Tim Wakefield, but now we have another name to add to the list as Dickey steps in for the DL'd Erik Bedard (See Below). Fantasy is supposed to be fun, which is the only reason I'll be adding Dickey this week. If it was just because he had a funny name it would be one thing, but add to that the fact that he is a knuckeballer.. oh baby sign me up for the Friday night start. I can't fully endorse him and tell you he is a great pick up, but if you have the veteran journeyman knuckleballer fetish that I do go ahead and grab him.


Alfonso Soriano- He had to leave Tuesday night's game after catching a ball and hurting his calf in the first inning. Hold him out of your line up for Wednesday, but we can't say for sure how much time he'll miss (if any) yet. It did come out on Wednesday that Soriano would make a trip on the 15 day DL and the Cubs were optimistic he would be ready to return when the DL time was up. Frustrating for Soriano owners because he was just getting it going with bat, but at least he'll be back sooner rather than later.

Erik Bedard- Goes to the DL with an inflamed hip and making winners of all the people who took the under on the amount of time it would take for Bedard to land on the DL. This is a tough blow for Seattle and fantasy owners everywhere. Bedard can strike guys out and dominate a line up like fer others can. He is one of the few starters in baseball who can win a game for his team on his own. In head to head leagues you might want to find a hot arm to replace him like Gavin Floyd, Mike Pelfry or Wandy Rodriguez. We would endorse FSE favorites like Micah Owings or Brian Bannister, but they should already be taken, if you are in a serious league.

Peter Moylan- I spent most of spring training telling people to "handcuff" Rafael Soriano with Molyan because Soriano always gets hurt. The it turns out I was right early on and Soriano went down and Moylan came in. Unforeseen by me was Moylan getting hurt and his "handcuff" being turned to to collect saves. The bullpen in Atlanta has official become a disaster area. Moylan is going to visit Dr. Andrews to get the elbow checked out because there were some irregularities to the soreness that concerned the Braves. For fantasy owners everywhere Dr. Andrews is generally the kiss of death to a player's season.

Right now your guess to close games out for the ATL will probably be as good as Bobby Cox's. In all seriousness it'll probably be Manny Acosta who gets first crack at closing games, as he is the last man standing. (Note- Bob Wickman might have been fat, lazy and out of shape, but at least he was healthy.)

Called Up

Eric Patterson- Speedster from AAA ball gets the nod over FSE fave Matt Murton. Murton has better AAA numbers, it looks like the Cubs are trying to add another dimension to their bench by bringing up a guy who can steal a base in a late inning situation.

Hated On

MATT MURTON!- A favorite here at FSE, he should have gotten first crack to replace Soriano if he has to miss an extended period of time. He has never really gotten a chance to just stay in the outfield and keep a starting gig for a while and live with the ups and downs of a major league season. He won't get his chance and the Matt Murton fan club continues to grow restless.

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