Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pedro Martinez Leaves Game - Fantasy Impact

Pedro Martinez had to leave his first start of the season against the Florida Marlins in the fourth inning with a hamstring injury. It was later diagnosed as a strained left hamstring and he is listed as day to day. FSNY announcers Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez quickly stated that despite the "day to day" listing, it is almost unheard of for a pitcher to strain a hamstring and not wind up on the DL. They then said that the true impact of the injury will be known when Pedro shows up to the ballpark tomorrow and they can examine it further. Given Pedro's body language and his pronounced limp as he went to the clubhouse, our money is on a DL stint. Later in the game Pedro sounded discouraged and was quoted as saying he heard a "pop" and was being taken back to New York for an MRI on Wednesday.


Pedro struggled in the first 2 innings of the game giving up 4 runs including a 2 run homer to the second batter of the game, Dan Uggla. He gave up 2 more runs in the second including a long homerun to Luis Gonzalez, but settled down in the 3rd, retiring the side in order. He got Matt Treanor down 0-2 to start the 4th, then induced a grounder to the 3B. However, he was forced to leave the game after that pitch.

It is not surprising to see Pedro struggle this early in the season. He had a spring training that featured mostly simulated games or games against minor leaguers thus some early rust was to be expected. It's unfortunate that when Pedro finally did settle in, he was knocked out by the leg injury.

A hamstring injury should land Pedro on the DL. Considering how cautious the Mets are with Pedro's health and his violent delivery, expect him to miss at least two starts. The fact he later said that he heard a "pop" makes the injury sound even worse and could really wind up being more like 4-6 weeks before we see him again. Expect a DL stint for Pedro soon, so be sure to scour the free agent wire in your league for the best available starter, so you can plug someone in if/when Pedro sees the DL.

Jorge Sosa is the early favorite to join the starting rotation in Pedro's absence and could be on the hill for the Mets home opener Tuesday.

We will update you as soon as more is known.


knuke said...

Sosa, not El Duque is the favorite to get into the rotation?

If you were counting on Pedro to be more than a matchup starter on your fantasy team, you're a lost cause.

Phil said...

Sosa or Nelson Figueroa will probably be slotted in the rotation for Pedro. El Duque would be a candidate if he were healthy, but he is still at class A ball trying to get ready for season. He has been tinkering with his leg kick and dealing with a painful bunion on his right foot, so he has his own issues to deal with before taking a spot in the Met rotation.

As far as Pedro goes, lets remember he was great for the Mets down the stretch last season, carrying the staff, while the team crumbled around him. A positive to draw out of this is that this hamstring injury has nothing to do with the shoulder problems that have plagued him in the past. This seems more like a fluky one time thing. Pedro still has a decent amount to give. Granted he isn't near what he once was, he is still quite serviceable.

Phil said...

Turns out Figueroa will get the start and Sosa will stay in the pen.