Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Josh Beckett, A-Rod Out 4/22

Josh Beckett has been ruled out with a sore neck due to flu like symptoms.


This isn't too serious of an injury, and Beckett should be back in a few days. It however would not be surprising to see the Sox hold Beckett out until his next start. Nothing major here, unless you are in a head-to-head league and you lose his 2 start eligibilty.

A-Rod Out

Alex Rodriguez has been ruled out for Tuesday's game and is looking at a return to line up at Thursday at the earliest.


A-Rod will be out for the next few days at least. Keep an eye on the injury as A-Rod could be out for the entire week, or he could be out at Thursday at the earliest. It could go either way, which is why it's important to keep an eye on something like this. We'll keep you updated as we know more.

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