Friday, April 18, 2008

FSE NBA Playoff Predictions

With the NBA regular season over and fantasy basketball champions crowned, it is now playoff time people! The anticipation surrounding this year's postseason is unlike anything I can remember in the past 15 years and rightfully so. The west is wide open, loaded with good teams top to bottom and great 1st round matchups while the east has arguably the league's finest squad in the Boston Celtics and that Lebron fellow lurking.

Without further ado, here are one man's playoff predictions. Warning: these predictions were fueled heavily by my love of Steve Nash and the way he plays the point guard position and may burst into flames after the first round...

Eastern Conference

First Round

Boston over Atlanta (4-0)
Cleveland over Washington (4-2)
Orlando over Toronto (4-2)
Detroit over Philadelphia (4-1)


Boston over Cleveland (4-1)
Detroit over Orlando (4-2)

Eastern Conference Finals

Boston over Detroit (4-2)

Western Conference

First Round

Los Angeles over Denver (4-2)
Utah over Houston (4-2)
Phoenix over San Antonio (4-2)
New Orleans over Dallas (4-3)


Utah over Los Angeles (4-2)
Phoenix over New Orleans (4-3)

Western Conference Finals

Phoenix over Utah (4-3)

NBA Finals

Phoenix over Boston (4-3)

Your 2008 NBA Champs - Phoenix Suns

Disagree with these picks? Shoot us an email or comment with your NBA Playoff predictions! 

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