Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Guillen To Switch Positions: FANTASY IMPACT

In a bit of a surprise move on Tuesday, Detroit manager Jim Leyland told the press that Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Guillen will be switching positions, with Cabrera moving to first and Guillen going to third. Leyland said that the move was bing done in the best interest of the team, and we are sure that Cabrera's 5 errors have something to do with it as well. While Guillen hasn't played 3B since 2003, the former SS turned 1B, turned 3B does have better range and a better glove.


The good news is that in most leagues Cabrera will have 3B eligibility and 1B eligibility, not only for this season, but next season as well. If your league counts errors, than this is good news for you Cabrera owners as he should certainly cut down on his E's a bit. I doubt long term this hurts his value, even though 1B is a deeper position that 3B is for fantasy, Cabrera is such a good, elite hitter you have to take him regardless of where he is positioned.

Carlos Guillen's position eligibility will be the one of real interest for the rest of the season. Currently he owns 1B and SS eligibility and will soon gain 3B as well. The flexibility is great to have as it allows him to fill in for injured players on your roster or in a spot of high need use for your team. Next season he should have 1B and 3B eligibility, while he is not an elite player at either position, he is better than average and will be underrated at both spots come draft time.

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