Thursday, April 24, 2008

Frank Thomas Signs With Oakland: FANTASY IMPACT

Ending days of speculation slugging DH Frank Thomas has officially signed on with the Oakland Athletics. There is no word on how the A's plan on splitting time between Thomas, Mike Sweeney and Jack Cust, but it seems unlikely Thomas wouldn't have signed on if he wasn't going to be starting. Ironically enough if Sweeney winds up getting dealt the team that would benefit the most from getting them would be the Toronto Blue Jays, Thomas's old team.


Frank Thomas still has power left in his bat and will hit 25 or so HR on the season. Oakland needs his bat in the lineup, but his increasing all or nothing approach would blend well the all or nothing approach Cust uses. If you need the HR help on your team grab Thomas and see if he can get it going. Thomas is currently hitting .166 on the season, but his OBP is over .300, so he is seeing te ball well, its just taking the old man a bit longer than usual to get his swing down, nothing unusual for a player the size of Thomas. Generally it takes players who are taller more time to get their mechanics down, and we see this all the time with both hitters and pitchers.

1 comment:

Jim Nguyen said...

I'd rather see Cust leave than Sweeney. Thomas won't go off like he did in 2006 in the green and gold, but your projections sound about right.

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