Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mike Lowell and Rich Harden to the DL: Fantasy Impact

Mike Lowell to the DL

The Red Sox placed 3B Mike Lowell on the 15 day DL on Thursday because of a sprained thumb he suffered in Wednesday night's game. While X-rays did turn out to be negative, Lowell showed up to the ballpark with the thumb still sore, swollen and bruised.


In the short term this looks like good news for Sean Casey as it seems like the current plan is for Kevin Youkilis to play 3rd and Casey to move to 1B. The good news for Lowell owners is that he hurt his left thumb, so the Red Sox won't have to worry about him airmailing any long throws across the diamond, so a sooner rather than later return is certainly possible. If you need a 3B in your league to replace him look at Joe Crede (if he hasn't already been snagged) and Jorge Cantu on the Marlins, as he looks to get it going again.

Harden Luck

After looking dominant in his first two starts of the season, Rich Harden finally did something most fantasy players expected him to do. He wound up on the DL. The A's were awaiting the arrival of Joey Devine to the ballpark to make the roster move official, but it is a forgone conclusion that Harden will be out for at least 15 days.


Can't win either way with Harden right now. He has looked too good in his first 2 starts (striking out 15 in 11IP) to trade him, because you won't get fair value. You are more or less stuck with him taking up the ever familiar DL spot on your roster. This shoulder issue might be a small thing, but how many small things have happened to Harden over the last few years that wound up costing him a season? This early in the season, this is certainly not good news for Harden or the A's.

Check out our Week 2 Adds for Pitchers for a hot name or 2 who might be worth a look in your league, if you need to fill out your roster with the DLing of Harden.

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