Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jimmy Rollins Out: Fantasy Impact 4/20

Jimmy Rollins Out

Don't be too quick to try and insert Jimmy Rollins back into that line up. Rollins has reported that the ankle is still only at 75% and it still doesn't feel right. He says he is going to stay off of it as much as he can, yet that apparently hasn't stopped him from gathering 4 pinch hitting appearances over the course of the last week.

At this point one has to wonder if the Phils would have been better off just putting Rollins on the 15 day DL and being done with it. The fact he still doesn't think it feels right, makes it sound like he is going to be out for at least half of next week as well. Keep Rollins on the pine and make sure you get another bat for that SS spot in your line up.


You should have already replaced Rollins in your line up and stashed him on the bench. Clint Barmes in Colorado is a good choice as is Erick Ayabar on Anaheim. We aren't high on Aybar, but as a short term option he can be decent, he has been hot and can steal a bag on a team with a productive line up.

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