Friday, March 28, 2008

Jose Gullien's Suspension Put On Hold - Fantasy Impact is reporting that Jose Gullien and Jay Gibbons suspensions will be put on hold for ten days to givelawyers for players and owners more time to reach an agreement on tougher drug rules and testing.

Fantasy Impact

The good news is that if you have Jose Gullien on your roster he will be available for you on opening day. Those owners who picked up Joey Gaithright as a fill in for Gullien will be disappointed since he will not see any time if Gullien is in the line up. The KC outfield which includes Dejesus, Gullien and Teahan gives Gaithright little chance to play everyday. 

Gullien had a stellar season last season hitting 23 HRs to go along with 99 RBIs. He was linked to performance enhancing drugs and was suspended on December 6. The suspension will be delayed for ten days and may now start on April 9 so plan accordingly.

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