Monday, March 10, 2008

Beckett's Back Injury

After a day of optimism on Sunday, Josh Beckett admitted his back felt worse on Monday than it had the previous day. Beckett added that he had experienced difficulty sleeping on Sunday because the pain was so severe. The Red Sox have more or less shut down Beckett from working out and according to Beckett was noticeably, and admitted to, being frustrated by the way things regressed. Beckett later admitted, he is not yet sure about what this means for status for opening day, or even accompanying the team on its 17 hour flight to Japan.

On a positive note, it has been established that Beckett does not have any damage to a disc in his back and that the injury was certainly a strained or pulled muscle. A disc issue would be something that could potentially linger for the entire season, or even require surgery. The muscle problem will just require a proper amount of rest and rehabilitation. Even if Beckett does not accompany the team to Japan, he still could be ready in early to mid April and not miss more than a few starts, given the amount of off days Boston will have once they return from Japan.


Beckett should be okay to start the season, but keep on eye on the injury going forward. Boston is cetain to be very cautious with their young ace and give him the proper amount of time to heal. There is no reason for them to rush him now, when they have the entire season to play. Draft Beckett as you normally would but do not expect him to be ready to be open the season. If your draft is later in the month keep on eye on the injury news, and check for updates here.

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