Monday, March 24, 2008

FSE Fantasy Baseball Positional Rankings - Outfield

The finish line is near for the FSE Positional Rankings. With the infielders and starting pitchers complete, we now analyze the outfielders, breaking them down into three tiers while highlighting some honorable mentions and sleepers.

The Elite

This grouping is composed of some of the most steady and consistent outfield talent in baseball. The majority of them have great pop and can steal the occasional base, as well. Most of these guys are healthy contributors who have spent little to any time on the DL over the course of their careers. Cannot stress this enough, you need healthy players to win in fantasy.

1 Alfonso Soriano
2 Carl Crawford
3 Matt Holliday
4 Grady Sizemore
5 Vlad Guerrero
6 Carlos Lee
7 Adam Dunn
8 Nick Markakis
9 Magglio Ordonez
10 Curtis Granderson

The Show Me Players

This is an interesting mix of veterans with something to prove and younger guys who are simply trying to prove they belong. Anyone one of these guys could take that next step, or even regress and it wouldn't be much of a surprise.

11 Ichiro Suzuki
12 Carlos Beltran
13 Manny Ramirez
14 Chris B Young
15 Delmon Young
16 Alex Rios
17 Jeff Francoeur
18 Bobby Abreu
19 Torii Hunter
20 Andruw Jones

Savvy Vets & The Next Wave

A lof of younger players here who need to show they can do it at the major league level for another season. A bunch of talent here, and all are guys worth drafting. Just keep an eye on them to make sure they can actually repeat their 2007 numbers. Toward the bottom are vets like Jermaine Dye and Gary Sheffield who will be out to show they can still play at an elite level, despite either injuries or inconsistencies in '07.

21 Corey Hart
22 Eric Byrnes
23 Hunter Pence
24 Brad Hawpe
25 Josh Hamilton
26 Jermaine Dye
27 Kosuke Fukudome 
28 Gary Sheffield
29 Nick Swisher
30 Matt Kemp

Honorable Mentions 

This is where we get to the riskier picks. A few of these guys really need to have strong 2008 seasons to show they actually still have it. A guy like Michael Cuddyer makes it because his numbers don't warrant a higher ranking, however his consistency deserves mention. 

Jason Bay
Josh Willingham
Vernon Wells
Michael Cuddyer
Pat Burrell


An interesting mix here of guys who are "cheap power," "young speedsters," and "injury plagued." These are the guys who you should take a flier on later on in the draft. They could go on to have good seasons, or they could be a disaster. You can draft players like this, just don't bank on them carrying your team at any time, and expect some drastic hot and cold streaks,

Jack Cust
Jeremy Hermida
Franklin Guiterrez
Lastings Milledge
Rick Ankiel
Garrett Anderson
Cameron Maybin
Adam Jones

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