Thursday, March 20, 2008

FSE Fantasy Baseball Positional Rankings - Third Base

Over the next week, FSE will release rankings for each position in fantasy baseball. Top 10s will be provided for all infield positions while outfielders, starting pitchers and relievers will have an expanded set of rankings. In addition, we will highlight a few sleepers at each position and provide some honorable mentions if applicable.

With catchers, first basemen and second basemen down, we turn our attention to third base.

Top Ten Third Basemen

#1 Alex Rodriguez - As the joke goes, "Just a hunch."

#2 David Wright - .300 hitter, 20/20 guy, with 100RBI. Great numbers for an outfielder. For a 3B they are unique and show what makes him so valuable.

#3 Miguel Cabrera - Still very young and is moving to one of the best offensive teams in all of baseball. Don't worry about the ballpark, the field he played on in Florida was huge and it didn't seem to cause him any problems.

#4 Ryan Braun - OF with 3B eligibility... SIGN ME UP! If your league counts errors, he will commit a lot fewer in the OF that he would manning 3B. 20/20 potential, and could put up David Wright type numbers over the course of a full season.

#5 Aramis Ramirez - Always seems to be battling injury, yet always seems to hit .300 with 30HR. Scary to think what he could do if he was healthy completely healthy for an entire season. Playing in a great hitters park with a solid lineup around hi won't hurt either.

#6 Ryan Zimmerman - Moving into a new ballpark, that is much more hitter friendly. His chronic wrist injury makes me nervous, but he seems to get along fine even with it. He will hit in the middle of a lineup that will be scrappy and play with tons of fire.

#7 Chone Figgins - Adds a different dimension to the 3B spot, showing more speed and less power than we are accustomed to seeing. He could be eligible to play a few different spots depending on the type of league you are in. Is good for 40SB, but doesn't really offer much else in terms of fantasy production.

#8 Garrett Atkins - Ignore April and May and he had a dominant season. Playing in the mean Colorado air sure won't hurt either, no matter how much they retard the balls.

#9 Chipper Jones - If you look at Chipper's numbers last season, he was awesome. Consider the amount of games he played in and numbers he accumulated. The old man needs to stay on the ballfield, and play in at least 140 games to make not only the Braves a better team, but your fantasy team as well.

#10 Alex Gordon - Rookie went 15/15 last season and managed to his .285 in the second half, despite lowering his walk total and raising his strikeout total. We are banking in last season's preseason rookie of the year favorite it put it all together this season, and become a top 5 guy by the end of the year.

Honorable Mentions

Adrian Beltre - Remarkably consistent despite his the fact Seattle hasn't seen great returns on its investment. He is good for a .280AVG, 25HR, and 90RBI. Not great, and don't expect much more, but at least you know what to expect.

Kevin Kouzmanoff - He had a huge second half.

Mike Lowell - Mike Lowell is old, and was washed up 2 years ago. Then as I have said before, "Mike Lowell has had more comebacks than Meatloaf." Did You Know he finished second in RBI for 3B i all of baseball? In that line up, in that ballpark with that leftfield he should be in for another fine season.


Mark Reynolds
- If he can play everyday, he has some great power potential. Has to produce to keep Chad Tracy out of the lineup, and if he can is good for 30HR.

Edwin Encarnacion - I am a big fan of power/ speed threats, and Encarnacion can do that. He is fully capable of 20HR and 10+SB if he can stay consistent and stay in the lineup. If he doesn't produce guys like Jeff Keppinger could take playing time away from him, but we are better he can put it together this season and become a fine fantasy option.

Pedro Feliz - Not a popular sleeper, but seriously, look at what he did last season in a terrible hitter's park in a terrible lineup. Now he moves to a great hitter's park in a great lineup. He will go under the radar, and he shouldn't. He will produce Adrian Beltre like numbers and go a lot later than he should in your draft.

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