Thursday, March 6, 2008

Elton Brand May Not Return - Chris Kaman Owners Breathe Sign Of Relief

Elton Brand participated in Clippers' practice yesterday and various reports have the franchise power forward coming back in mid-March. However Fanhouse is reporting that Mike Dunleavy shot down that speculation a bit implying that Brand is closer than a month away from returning to the Clips lineup then 2 weeks as originally thought. For those of you scoring at home, a month from today would leave the Clippers with about 6 games remaining on the schedule which would all but rule out Brand's return.

Fantasy Impact

Chris Kaman has flourished this season in Brand's absence. The big man out of Central Michigan is putting up a legitimate double-double averaging around 16 points and 13 rebounds a game to go along with nearly 3 blocks a game. Kaman ranks third in rebounds and second in blocks among fantasy centers and has been a top 5-10 option at the position this season. 

Kaman owners have been fearing a return by Brand for a few weeks now. The presence of Brand at power forward would cut into Kaman's scoring opportunities down low and would reduce his rebounding totals significantly. These recent comments by Dunleavy reinforce what many people have been thinking which is the Clippers will try to keep Brand off the court in what has been a lost season. 

This is excellent news for Kaman owners as well as those invested in Al Thornton. With Brand out and Tim Thomas dealing with back spasms, the youngster is almost guaranteed ample playing time and scoring opportunities down the stretch. Additionally, Corey Maggette should continue to pour in big scoring totals while contributing in rebounds and assists. 

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