Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mets Gonna (B)Lowe It

Word has come down from the New York Post that free agent righty Derek Lowe isn't thrilled with the Mets first contract offer to him. In fact, sources told the Boston Globe that the Lowe has already told agent Scott Boras to field offers from other team that are more inline with their contract expectations. The Mets' offer is said to be worth $36 million over 3 years and is well below the 5 year $90 million Boras said the righty was looking for in the off season. The Post article went on to say that the Mets are prepared to wait out Lowe and aren't prepared to increase their offer to him that much.

We said earlier that the Mets shouldn't dabble
around and try to play a game of financial chicken with Scott Boras. The Red Sox thought they were in the driver's seat for Mark Teixeira and wound up standing when the music stopped. The Mets need a starter. A veteran, who can stablize the middle of the order and give them consistent innings every fifth day. Lowe fills their needs perfectly as will he blend in very well with the Met defense behind him.

It is silly for the Mets to think that they are in the driver's seat and that Boras will at some point come groveling to them and accept these initial terms. The first offer they made has already rubbed Lowe the wrong way and they shouldn't be playing hard to get when they are the ones who are trying to do the getting.

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