Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dodgers Working With Boras To Buyout Andruw Jones So They Can Sign Manny nailed this gem. I can't even accurately explain exactly what is going on, but here is the link to MLBTR's version and the link to T.J. Simer's article at the L.A. Times. The way it sounds the Dodgers would have save $12 million of the near $22 million Jones is owed this year. This could come via buyout or trade, with the dealings going directly through Scott Boras.


I know that sounds odd, so please read the above links for further clarification. had another version of this story that makes a bit more sense. A deferred buyout, where Jones would get the money owed to him over the course of many seasons. The only other time I could remember this happening was when the Mets boughtout Bobby Bonilla in 2000. Under terms of that agreement, Bonilla would be paid nearly $1.2 million every year from 2011 to 2035, which is stunning considering Bonilla was only signed on for one more season at $5.9 million. Maybe Bobby Bo was some sort of soothsayer and had an idea of the economic difficulties the country would be facing now. Keep in mind that was back in 2000. Can you imagine what Boras will ask them to pay per year now?!?!

When asked for a comment about the Jones' buyout situation, Dodger's GM, Ned Colletti gave the ever damning, ""We can't confirm that and right now we don't have a comment." The story is so strange, wouldn 't Colletti have come out and denied it if it wasn't true? His lack of a clear comment only furthers the belief that there is something to this and it is already in the works.

Boras again is making himself the center of attention this off season. In a year where teams are being more and more financially responsible, it seems like he'll go to any length to get his guys big time money. With word coming down the San Francisco Giants are entering the bidding war, it seems like Boras is doing his best to get a legit bidding war going on, so Manny can get closer to that 4 year $100million contract he wanted. I doubt he gets it, however would anyone now be shocked if someone handed Manny a 3 year $75 million deal?

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