Friday, January 2, 2009

O's, White Sox Talking Roberts for Floyd: Fantasy Impact

More good stuff from They are reporting that the Orioles and the White Sox are discussing a Brian Roberts for Gavin Floyd deal. The major hold up being that the Orioles want more in return than just Floyd. Makes sense to me. A lot of teams would demand more than just one of those pesky 25-year-old, 17 game winners, with good ERAs and low WHIPs for the services or a 2B.


This deal is the perfect symbol for the difference between reality baseball and fantasy. In reality, I'd rather have the young starter to help build a strong rotation. In fantasy, you want the speedy 2B, who can put up numbers across different categories. Just an interesting side note I thought I'd toss in there.

I am pretty sure I wrote this article a year ago, only Roberts was going to the Cubs. Roberts would offer the White Sox some good defense and a very good bat at the top of their line up. Roberts can steal bases, score runs and get on base. With the jettisoning of Orlando Cabrera and shifting of Alexei Ramirez from 2B to SS the White Sox have needs at both 2B and the lead off spot and Roberts would fit in perfectly with what the Sox need.

Expect him to have another season with over 100Rs, 40SB and a .290-.300AVG. I put guys like Chase Utley, and Ian Kinsler , who can hit for power and average ahead of Roberts in he rankings. Some might even put Dustin Pedroia ahead of him, but I am waiting for another season of consistency from Pedroia before I am ready to do that.

Floyd is a young righty with a good fastball low 90s fastball and a very good curve. He is just entering his prime and would give the O's a very good 2 starter behind Jeremy Guthrie. His fantasy value could change a bit as a move to the A.L. East would meaning facing the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays a lot more. He would also be moving to a hitter friendly ballpark with a team that has a rather depleted offense. Neither of these factors would lead one to believe that Floyd would be able to repeat his '08 performance. I think an ERA in the low to mid 4.00s and 13-15wins would be a fair prediction of what Floyd will be able to do if he continues his growth as a pitcher.

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