Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mets Lowe Ball Derek

The New York Mets, knowing that they want to bring in a veteran pitcher, have offered Derek Lowe a 3 year contract worth about $36 million. This is far below the 5 year, $90 million that agent Scott Boras had envisioned earlier this off season. It stands to reason that this is only the Mets first offer and should increase a bit as negotiations on go. However, in a wake of what just happened with the Red Sox and Mart Teixeira, wouldn't it be prudent of the Mets to go harder after Lowe?

They know they want and need him. So why are they trying to be cute and low ball him? A team like Milwaukee (assuming they don't listen to me) or even say a Nationals team could swoop in and offer something ridiculous like 4 years and $60 million. If you think that's not possible, lets remember what just happened with the Sox. They thought they had the best offer and there was no one else in the pool with them and that Boras was bluffing when he told them there was a team with a higher offer on the table. Then the next day, the Sox more or less allowed their most coveted off season priority go to their biggest rivals.

The Mets need to get serious and fast. The should have offered 3 years at $42-$45 million and not dilly dallied with these near offensively low offers. I realize it's not popular, but look at what the Yankees did. Sure they overpaid to get what they wanted, but the bottom line is they got what they wanted. In this case the Mets need to do the same and get this done sooner rather than later.


Lowe is a consistent pitcher who will thrive in Citi Field's pitcher friendly dimensions. He will also benefit from being on a much more potent offensive team than he has had backing him for the last several years. The downside would be the Mets' infield defense which, for all of its fanfare really isn't that good. David Wright, despite his Gold Gloves, is really prone to making many sloppy plays and bumbling easy ground balls. Over at first Carlos Delgado has been a DH in first baseman's clothing for years now.

If the Mets get serious and can land Lowe, expect at least 15 wins with an ERA in the 3.50 area. He won't get a ton of K's and is prone to the occasional stinker, which is what keeps him from being elite. Think of him like an N.L. version of Chien Ming Wang, who could be had around the same time of your draft.

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