Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Charles Barkley, Micheal Strahan and Steve Urkel Walk Into a Bar...

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but some simply amazing details are starting to pour in about Sir Charles Barkley's DUI arrest early Wednesday. There were about five different parts to this story that are bizarre at times and hilarious at others.

1) Barkley told cops he ran the stop sign because he was going to get oral sex from a woman who had previously serviced him the week before as well. That wasn't even Sir Charles' best part of the excuse, he then followed up with including it was the best oral sex he had ever had.

This comment alone will cause dozens of college students to ditch Cancun for Scottsdale, Arizona

2) Barkley told a civilian employee at the police station, "I'll tattoo your name on my ass" if he could help him get out of the DUI charges. Charles should know better than to make an offer like that to a civilian employee. That's something you offer to a Sargent or the ranking officer at the time of incarceration.

3) This pictureGood lord. Can someone get Charles a cold glass of water and hanky to wipe his face off?!?! He's sweating more than Patrick Ewing in a double overtime game.

4) He was out with Jaleel White. Don't know who that is? T.V.'S STEVEN URKEL!! Barkley's crew certainly does not run as deep as is used to I guess. I wonder what other Afro-American sitcom stars Barkley roles with? Perhaps Rerun from "What's Happening?," Theo from "The Cosby Show," or the Guy on the Fire Escape from "Martin" have all been apart of Sir Barkley's pose at some point.

5) Police found a gun in his car and didn't press charges. It isn't clear if the gun was licensed or not, because finding a gun isn't even worth investigating in Arizona. Nevermind the gun was found in the car of a man who was intoxicated, wouldn't one want to look into this further? If this was New York he would have spent the night in Riker's, with the looming penalty of a 3.5year prison sentence haunting him.

The fact that former N.Y. Giant Micheal Strahan was also at the bar with Barkley that night was only a coincodence. However, I do think it important for people to now recognize that we are seeing a trend emerging with N.Y. Giants and club frequenting that generally end with someone wearing handcuffs. Now I am not saying to be like Pac Man Jones scared if you see a N.Y Football Giant at a bar, just be weary and take note and watch your back.

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