Thursday, May 29, 2008

Troy Percival To The DL: Fantasy Impact

The Tampa Bay Rays placed closer Troy Percival on the DL on Thursday with a slightly pulled hamstring. An MRI has already revealed the pull not to be too serious and Percival is expected back June 14 when his stint would be due to end.

Hamstrings can be a tricky injury and are known to linger throughout a season. There have been many players who will pull or simply tweak a hamstring in spring training and come August or so the player reveals it has bothered him all season, and explains why their production is down. While Percival might be ready and feeling healthy in 15 days, don't bank on the 38-year-old to be able to remain healthy for the rest of the season.


In the meantime you Percival owners, or owners looking to scratch out a few saves should look to either Dan Wheeler or Al Reyes to be the main source of saves while Percival is out. Popular belief has Wheeler getting the nod in most spots as he was the one who came in and closed the door when Percival got hurt on Tuesday.

I wouldn't be surprised either if Reyes was the one who wound up getting the call. Wheeler has proven himself to be one of the most consistent set up men in the big leagues over the last three- four seasons, and Reyes has closing experience, as he did such an admirable job for the Rays last season.

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