Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Injury Updates & Fantasy Impact - Week 9

It seemed like many big name or hot players all went down on Tuesday with one injury or another. We look down the list to see where most of these players are at and what that could mean for them.

Gary Sheffield

After hitting just .213 with 3HR and 12RBI in the first two months of the season, fantasy owners finally have a reason to stop thinking Sheff can get it going. Sheff hit the DL on Tuesday with a strained left oblique, and will be out at least for a few weeks if not longer. Sheff has had a variety of ailments all season long and given his production this might be a well needed reprieve.

To be honest Sheff looks finished. He is closing in on 40 and unless you are Barry Bonds, this is generally where a player's career is over or near the end. I would say trade him, but I doubt you could get much for him. Be sure to keep a close eye on the FA wire in your league for a guy who could get hot for a while, or perhaps has been underachieving who you feel could still put together a productive season.

Eric Byrnes

The Diamondbacks' spark club who provides high energy for the team and more importantly SB and HR for fantasy owners has been battling sore hamstrings all season. The injury has slowed him a bit limiting him to only 4SB and a .219 batting average.

While Byrnes could have played through the injury, the D-backs played it safe and shelfed him for a bit. Give them credit for looking ahead towarda August and September when they might really need him for the stretch run.

If you own Byrnes think of this as a benficial forced benching. You can find a hot bat on the waiver wire to replace what he has been doing up to this point in the season, and when he does come back you'll be able to reap the benefits of a totally healthy player.

Travis Hafner

Sat out another game with a sore shoulder and while no DL stint seems imminent, it might not be a bad idea for Cleveland to shut him down for a bit so he can get himself totally healthy. Hafner has been awful this seasona after struggling mightily last season.

It is tough tell to you to get rid of Hafner because when healthy he is one of the best bats in baseball. But right now he really looks lost, combine that with the fact that he can't even seem to stay in the line up and you have reason to try to deal him for whatever you can get and look else where for production.

Mark Kotsay

Kotsay had to sit out with a sore back, and might wind up on the DL because of it. I will defer any further analysis or commentary to our Most Added Hitters Article in Week 7. I didn't like Kotsay then and I don't like him now.

Jeff Kent

Kent was a last minute scratch with lower back spasms. He is no longer the stud he once was but at .242, 4HR, 16R and 22RBI, he is still a decent 2B option in the right league. At the age of 40 Kent still does pretty decently for himself, but these sort of nicks and bumps are t be expected along the way. Kent is a gamer, don't be surprised to see him back in the Dodger line up tomorrow or Thursday.

Carlos Guillen

Manager Jim Leyland admitted that Guillen had been playing with a severe case of hemorrhoids, and probably should have been on the bench on Monday night. He said he would DH Guillen in an attempt to keep him in the line up, but also give him some rest at the same time.

Good God! If you were Guillen wouldn't you just want Leyland to lie and make something up, or maybe not mention the injury to people? Perhaps Leyland is trying to light a fire under Guillen's butt (much pun intended).

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